This wiki is a work in progress!

Welcome to the Unofficial Hamtaro Game Wiki!

I plan to host information about the Hamtaro games here - walkthroughs, collectibles, secrets, tips... that sort of thing! Everything on these pages will be written and have been tested by me, so it'll take some time to fill out these pages, but, I hope you're looking forward to it! Until then, most of these links are going to lead nowhere, though.


This is (going to be) an in-depth wiki for the Hamtaro games - you'll find walkthroughs, full lists of collectibles, secrets, tips, trivia, and more here! It's a personal project I started, for one because I just really like the Hamtaro games and compiling data, but for another, because I'm not much of a fan of Fandom (the company hosting most fan-wikis), which has recently acquired GameFAQs. I figure I may as well write and host information myself, if I don't want to partake in Fandom's monopolization.

This wiki is still very much a work in progress, and as it's all written by just one person, it may take a while for things to be finished, and you may spot the occasional error. If you have any comments, contributions, or corrections, you can e-mail me at


You'll either have to find physical copies of the games, or emulate them. Physical copies can be bought online and remain in circulation, but can be relatively expensive as far as children's games go. If you're not sure where to look, try eBay. Emulation can be done by finding a ROM of the game, and using an emulator. This is a Hamtaro wiki, not a piracy guide, so I won't explain you how and where to find ROMs (there are other websites and guides dedicated to that), but you can find a lot of information on emulation and emulators on

Most of the work that needs to be done is just me writing out and manually adding information, which will be done whenever I do it. I own the games I want to write about, which means I have the information on hand, and don't need help finding it. That said, there are some things on the to-do list that I wouldn't mind a hand with:

- images: I'd like (good-quality) scans of box art/covers, booklets, photos of physical cartridges, and screenshots of the games. I'll have to take my own pictures or use images from the internet I'm licensed to use, so receiving pictures with express permission would save me a lot of searching.

- information on Japanese games: I don't read Japanese, so there's a limited amount of information I can share about the Japanese-only games. I'd appreciate corrections/additional information on Tomodachi Daisuken Dechu, information about localization differences between any of the games, and... I could use a hand with getting through Nazo Nazo Q.

- information on the games in the "other" section: most of these are games I'm unable to play. If you own, have archived, or know of a place I can find more info on them, I would appreciate hearing about it.

- trivia: while I don't *need* this per se, I'd love to hear your Hamtaro fun facts.

You can e-mail me at to get in touch about any of these things, or something else.

If the walkthroughs/guides on this wiki aren't clear or complete enough, message me on discord (through the NIGHTSERVER), or e-mail me at, and I'll try to help you out.


  • add box art & screenshot(s) to tomodachi daisuken dechu
  • write up basic info for ham-hams unite
  • write up basic info for ham-ham heartbreak
  • write up basic info for rainbow rescue
  • write up basic info for ham-ham games
  • write a walkthrough for HHG
  • port over/rewrite costumes guide for HHG
  • write up basic info for nazo nazo q
  • write up basic info for hi! hamtaro ham-ham challenge
  • put some content in other games (sega pico, e-reader, wake up snoozer, flash games, ios game)
  • maybe add that bootleg...?
  • add some photos to the other games section

If you have any comments, requests, or corrections, you can e-mail me at