My friends:

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There's not a lot here yet because I haven't made any friends yet most my friends don't have finished websites yet. But you should look forward to when they do!

More cool people:

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I'll be adding more here soon, so keep an eye out for that! ^^

My links:

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If you link to my site and would like to be affiliates, let me know through the Guestbook, Discord, or by sending me an e-mail at!

Linking rules:

  • Your website doesn't need to be a Neocities page to be featured here, but it should be an actual website, not a social media account!
  • It should have some actual content on it, and not just be your commissions page or about page or something.
    (You're always free to ask again if you end up putting more stuff on your website, though!)
  • No websites full of broken images/broken links/etc.
  • I don't associate with bigots or bootlickers. If your website contains hate speech, not only will I not link to yours, I kindly request you don't link to my website, either.