Welcome to my website!

This website hosts my personal projects, as well as stuff related to the NIGHTCORNER! This site looks best (bad) on desktop and bad (worse) on mobile.

It's currently still under construction, so things may change, break, or appear missing until I've got everything in order!



None yet!

News & updates:

Jan. 18, 2024: There's a puzzle index now, as well as two more puzzles (courtesy of my lovely girlfriend, Len)! I also made some small tweaks to the puzzle pages so that it takes you directly to the puzzle window, instead of having to scroll past the navigation. And there's a new background in graphics (blinking eyes)! I want to make a few more eye graphics, but I haven't had the time yet. Also still ruminating on how to make those backgrounds take up a bit less space to make the page easier to navigate.
Jan. 16, 2024: (Painstakingly) edited the main navigation a little to list games under fun instead of portfolio, and to take out a small visual inconsistency. And... Finally added some content to the graphics page! It now has two tileable backgrounds on it (galaxy, and fruit basket), and three blinkies (nightcorner and hamtaro). I've got lots more to add to that page, but making those backgrounds previewable took me like an hour to figure out, so, next time.
Jan. 11, 2024: Added two jigsaw puzzles to the website. Unlinked for now too, but you can play them here and here. Have fun!
Jan. 1, 2024: Happy new year! I've added an (18+) comic named "did you spend so long playing dead that you forgot how to eat?", and migrated an older comic named "flight". They're unlinked for now, but are to be added to the portfolio later.

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