Every year, I participate in a a month-long drawing game called Artfight! The game runs during all of July, and you can find me on there as boblitt!

Teams: DREAM ('19), SUGAR ('20), CYBERPUNK ('21), BLOOM ('22), WEREWOLVES ('23) (replace these with the little badges)

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Artfight FAQ:


Artfight is a drawing game that runs during the entire month of July, every year. After signing up for the game on their website, you are sorted into one of two teams, and then draw gift art for people on the other team to score points. The team with the most points at the end wins the game! The teams are mostly flavor text though around gifting (and being gifted) art though - it doesn't really matter if your team wins or loses. You can find more explanation, or sign up, on their website.
I have a lot of free time!

That aside, my work method is to work on several things at the same time. I'll open a handful of references, sketch out a bunch of them, and then gradually finish those by cleaning up, linearting, coloring, painting, or otherwise rendering them, doing only a little bit on each at a time. That way I always have a few different pieces that I can quickly finish each day.
I have 500+ notifications on Artfight at all given times, so I don't really look at my follower notifications except to find new victims. I'll get to you eventually and probably follow you back (one day I'll have attacked everyone on this website), but if you want me to actually check out your profile, your best bet is to leave a comment. And if you'd like to be friends or chat, you're better off adding me on Discord (nachtkern) or joining my server!


Yes! Of course! It also says so in my character permissions, but if you want to run an idea by me first, you're welcome to.
Yes! You can post art you've made for me, or that I've made for you, wherever you want. If you're sharing art made by me, please credit me: you can link back to my Artfight profile (boblitt), to this website, or any of my socials (nachtkern or nachtkern_), although I don't really use those. If you're posting art to, or want to credit me as the creator of a design I've made for you, I'm also nachtkern on there.