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The NIGHTCORNER is an art-centric community I run with my gf, Len!! It started as a Discord server, but now also includes a forum and... this website!

It's for anyone interested in seeing my work, anyone who wants to share their own, and anyone who just likes to hang out! We run a variety of games and events throughout the year, but it's not necessary to follow my work or be a part of the Discord server to participate, since they're run over the forum!

Come hang out in the server!!

You can find the forum here!!

(link birthday calendar here)


(overview of events and next current event)

The Discord mods include me, Len, Lucien, and Aiko. The forum mods are me, Len, Lucien, Faye and Nico, and can all be found here! If you have any questions or need any help with something, you're always welcome to message me or any other mod. I'm easiest to reach through e-mail (thenightcorner@gmail.com) or Discord.


I've been running the NIGHTCORNER since 2019, and it's come a really long way since then! If you're curious about how things came to be, you can read a little about it here! (to do: add some pictures to those tabs)

Before the NIGHTCORNER, I used to run an LGBT Ace Attorney Discord server we call LEGBET - which wasn't strictly my server, but I moderated it! As things go with fandom servers, people's interests slowly moved away from Ace Attorney over time, but many older members stuck around despite that because they just really enjoyed the community we shared. Eventually, the server ended up silent, but full of people who didn't want to leave because of the memories and friends they had in that server. The LEGBET server was finally deleted in 2020; I did consider leaving it up as an archive, but decided against it in the end. LEGBET had by then accumulated a lot of deeply personal and sensitive private moments by its members over the years - things like personal stories, venting, deadnames, coming out - not bad things, but definitely things strangers shouldn't be able to accidentally stumble on.

In 2019, I started a Discord server centered around my own artwork - the NIGHTCORNER! Because of my poor health, I found it harder and harder to keep up with social media, leaving few places for people to actually see my artwork. It hit me that I wouldn't have to keep up with socials at all if I did everything over Discord. A large portion of LEGBET migrated into the NIGHTCORNER, as well as friends I'd met in all sorts of places - from the PokéFarm forums to Tinder.

It's strictly speaking a server for people interested in my work, but it's grown into a really nice and friendly community with loads of other talented artists, who also post their art and commissions in there - so my own art is by far not its only selling point! Besides doing art, we run games and events (like contests, gift exchanges, collabs and art trades...), and the server leans more towards original content and OCs, though people are plenty happy to talk about games, music, and TV too.

Around the end of 2021, we'd ran so many events in the NIGHTCORNER that I was starting to realize... Discord wasn't really the best medium for it. It was impractical to host event information in Gdocs or sta.sh each time, hard to keep everything clear and accessible in channels, and worst of all, we started accumulating so many archived event channels that we had to choose between a cluttered server, or removing those channels from view - meaning people could no longer see gifts they'd received or the results of games we played!

We decided to emigrate events to a forum, both for organization and better archiving - and just because it'd be fun to have a forum! Unfortunately, around this time my health got very poor, so I didn't actually contribute all that much to making it. Len, Lucien, Faye, Nico, and a group of NIGHTCORNER members set the forum up, and it officially opened early 2022.

And next...
I don't really know what the future holds, but I hope to continue running the NIGHTCORNER and seeing it grow! It's my pride and joy, and filled with some of the kindest, funniest, and most talented people I know. For now, I'll continue building this website and adding fun things onto it, and if enough of our members decide to make websites too, we could maybe make a webring! :)