On this page you'll be able to read about (some of) my projects... once I add them! I do a lot of different things, so this page is split up into a bunch of different sections:

artwork | writing | games
playlists | miscellaneous

This is all still a work in progress, so most of this page is still placeholders.


The NIGHTCORNER is an art community I oversee, together with my girlfiend, Len! It started as a Discord server for people interested in following my work, but it's grown into a fun & friendly community full of other talented artists. We host a variety of (mostly art-related) games and events throughout the year, for anyone to participate in. (link to its main page)

(links to discord and the forum)


I do a lot of art, mainly digital, and occasionally traditional! I don't really use social media or post to art websites, so the best place to see new things as I make it, would be in my Discord Server (add link), or on my forum (add link to art thread).

(add a link to a page with a selected assortment of drawings)


I occasionally write, and I'm working on a comic right now!

(add a link to more info about my comic, and a link to my other writing)


I mostly make dress-up games, and have been doing that since I was 10. I'll have to repost a lot to my website, and see if I can possibly do something with my old flash games, but for now, you can play one of my dress-up games here! (code credit: lucien)

(link to a dedicated games page, repost some older stuff, maybe mention lucien's fruit game)


I love making playlists! I need a good place to save their tracklists since YT tends to eat videos though, so I'll probably make a page for it at some point. (The page does not yet exist and this mostly serves as a reminder to myself.) I'll also probably put that page on my about and not in my portfolio but like. You know. I'll get to it when I get to it.

(this would link to an organized page with my playlists)


This final section serves as a showcase for other stuff I do, like cosplay, sewing, taxidermy... and you know, probably stuff besides that.

(links to those respective pages would go here)