Read me!

Before accessing my graphics, please read and agree to these rules!

Unless stated otherwise...
1) You can use my graphics without credit or linkback, but don't repost them in other ways (ex: in collections of free graphics, reuploaded to graphics websites, etc.)

2) You can edit my graphics to your hearts' content for personal use. If you want to share the edits for others to use though, then you have to credit the original and link back to this website.

3) You can use bases/templates I've made without credit or linkback and share what you've made however, but you may not repost the blank base/template in any way.

4) Don't claim my work as your own.


These are some seamlessly repeating backgrounds I've made!
Click on them to preview them on this page! :)

Galaxy Backgrounds:

Fruit Basket Backgrounds:

Eye Backgrounds:

Blinkies & Stamps:



Bases & Templates: