About this website:

This is my personal website! I started it in 2022, and it's my first time building a website again since I was about 12. There's still a lot I want to add, and I've still got a lot to learn about making websites, so things may change quite a bit over time!!!

Frequently asked questions:

Website related:

Honestly I take amphetamines and then hope for the best. But if you open the inspector on your browser, you can see for yourself how my pages are constructed. That said, I'm not too tech savvy, so you'll probably find better examples and clearer answers looking things up with a search engine.
There's a bunch of stuff you're free to use under Fun, including graphics, and code snippets with explanation. As for everything else, I don't mind if you borrow my website ideas or reference my layout or anything, but it's best you still write those yourself. I don't necessarily own everything on my website, so I have no say in the usage rights of all of it, but you'll also learn more from trying it yourself. Also, please don't use any of my original work (artwork, writing, etc.) from my website without permission.
Don't put any private information on the internet, including your real name (use a nickname), your full date of birth, your location or where you work/go to school, information about your mental/physical health, or information about your real-life family and friends. If you're underage, don't post any photos of yourself online (including totally SFW ones).

Other than that, the internet is your oyster, and your website is your kingdom! If you want to start building your website from scratch, you can find most answers on W3Schools or Stack Overflow threads, but if that's all too intimidating, there's loads of pre-written themes by other Neocities users to pick from. Just browse the directory for websites you like, and check if they're using someone's theme, or offering their own.
If you sent me the form through e-mail, I'll have e-mailed you back either after adding you, or if there were any problems adding you - so check your e-mail first! If there's no e-mail, I probably just haven't gotten around to it yet. If it's been longer than a week, or if I sent you a confirmation e-mail but you're not seeing yourself/your OC, feel free to e-mail me again.

Art related:

For digital art, I use Clip Studio Paint, or sporadically Paint Tool SAI. For pixel art, I use MS Paint (Win XP version). Most of my gifs are made with Beneton Movie Gif, which is free, but allows only small-dimension gifs. I stream and screen-record using OBS Studio. For traditional art, I mostly use cheap ballpoint pens, fineliners, markers, or a fountain pen.

All code I've ever written, CSS/HTML aside, has been in Python or JavaScript. Python is easy to learn if you're new to coding, JS is the standard for web coding. I'm not very good at either of them, and usually ask my housemate for help putting things together.

I use either Scrivener or Obsidian for organizing my writing.
I sometimes take commissions, but not often because of my health. I usually only announce these in my Discord server (which you should join!). I don't do art trades often either, but I participate in Artfight every year, so if you like my art, you can always challenge me there! I don't take requests, so please don't attempt to befriend me in hopes that I'll draw your favorite characters for free. That's not how it works.
I really like to draw bodies of all kinds, as well as wings, claws, and bones. I lean towards cartoony styles and bright colors. The thing I end up drawing the most is probably my OC Boblitt, because he's a nice package of all of the things I enjoy idly drawing.


I used to have a cat named Mr. Banksy, but she passed away in Summer 2022. :(

Before that I've had several other cats, rats, and hamsters. I'd like to get a cat again in the future.
I'm somewhat on the sidelines of the Pokémon fandom, and I used to be really into Ace Attorney and Hamtaro. Other than that, not really; I prefer to draw original content over fanart. I don't read or write fanfiction because I don't like it.
It's really easy to be transgender! I do it every day without any difficulty. It's not for everyone, but you could give it a try if you want.
I don't know what that that means, or why I get asked this. I don't know what a kin is.

I have another question...
You can always shoot me an e-mail at thenightcorner@gmail.com, or hit me up on Discord.

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And a special thank you to my housemate for coming over to check my code each time I complain it's not working and then reloading the page to reveal that it is, in fact, working.