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basic info:

age: chronological
gender: lesbian (he or she)
status: sped up (30%)


the most likely person in any given group to contract salmonella. A fantastic liar, and honest to a fault. Hates money. Despite appearances (and stories), a pretty normal person who lives a pretty average life. Cooks, draws, sews, plays video games and DnD as a hobby, and collects DS/3DS games and backpacks. (You can read a little more here.)

This is me! Not an OC or a persona or anything like that - this guy's just straight up me, myself.

I've tried a couple of times to come up with a human sona for myself, but every time I'd hit the same problem - they weren't me! Their backstories were fun, but I couldn't really relate to them. They looked cool, but didn't look like me. Everything I'd want to change about them to suit me better, were just things that made them more similar to how I am in person... which defeated the point of having a seperate human sona at all! I have a few self-insert characters named Night for different things (like a hamsona or a ponysona), but those aside, Night is just plain old me.


Since the way I draw myself is just the way I look in person, translated into my own artstyle, it changes with my appearance. Sometimes I style or dye my hair differently, I own around 6 different pairs of glasses, and obviously, I wear different clothes from day to day. All that is to say, if you wanted to draw me, don't worry too much about getting details like that "correct"! I usually wear my hair in a mullet (short and spiky at the top, long at the bottom), and my fashion sense ranges anywhere from "plain t-shirt on jeans" to "middle-schooler's art project", with no preference between masculine or feminine clothes. I have a yellow tint to my skin, dark brown eyes and dark brown hair (that I bleach yellow, or dye). I've grown whiskers, as well as a moustache that I style to curl up. My face has sharp features, a triangular nose, and Asian eyes. I'm extremely skinny, and extremely hairy on most of my body, except for my knees, which appear to be balding for some reason.


all art by me