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AGE: late 20s
GENDER: cis girl (he/him)
STATUS: angel/ghost

Bobby is living proof not all angels radiate brightness; he himself has yet to notice that he's died at all.

although he may not come across as all too reliable, and despite having died at least once, Bobby's a middle school art teacher, who loves to work with children. A little eccentric, as teachers tend to be, his students tend to tease him and play pranks on him, but he's well-liked by them. Some kids have picked up on his habits of walking through doors and accidentally ingesting poisonous substances without noticing, and are starting to get suspicious... but even if they knew for sure, none of them would want to break it to him.

easy-going and affectionate, as well as stupid as shit. Bobby is filled with wonder for the world and an appreciation of the life around him; he understands little of it, making even the most mundane things seem magical to him. On the flip side, magic wouldn't impress him any more than seeing bugs in the grass. Leans more towards sober than overly optimistic, and occasionally gets stressed over unimportant things.

Although I refer to Boblitt as my sona, he's not exactly me! He's his own character, and I just draw him so much that he ends up being representative of my work, sort of like a mascot, or my 'Hatsune Miku', as a friend has put it. He's one of my oldest characters, and accidentally made me transgender through people assuming he was me and changing up my pronouns.

He's very close to my heart, and a very personal character - I love seeing fanart of him and you're welcome to interpret him however you like, just so long as you keep it appropriate (ie. please don't draw porn).


Boblitt is tall, spindly, and severely underweight. Most 12-year-olds can lift him, and some could throw him like a spear. He has straight, light green hair that reaches over his shoulders, droopy gray eyes, and a yellow-tinted complexion. He has a thin, pointy nose, a stubble and faint moustache, and round ears. His halo is yellow and expressive, changing shapes with his emotions. He can optionally be drawn with large, white wings. He usually dresses in a blue t-shirt with high-waisted jeans, or a yellow sweater (they're the only clothes he owns), but besides that leans towards simple and casual clothes.


all art by me